We will help you maintain uninterrupted efficient production.

RUML Service is a leading independent specialist for the operation and maintenance of continuous production facilities in the oil, energy and chemical industries. We use efficient operating methods and special maintenance technologies. We deliver solutions that save money, build trust and provide high added value.

Operation of technological units

Since 2019, RUML Service s.r.o. has been providing services related to the operation of customers’ production technologies.

Assembly and service activities

Comprehensive activities in the installation and maintenance of industrial technological equipment.

Repairs and installations of rotary machines

Ensuring service activities in the field of turbo compressors, pumps of all types, piston compressors, special machines and equipment.

Processing of complete engineering for the planning and execution of repairs, including the provision of health and safety.

Ensuring cooperation and coordination of repairs with the equipment manufacturer. Ensuring specification, supply or production of spare parts. Provision of revision reports, performance of pressure and construction tests, provision of approval of performed tests by notification authorities.

Provision of auxiliary professions such as insulation, scaffolding, NDT, handling technology, etc.

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Design, manufacture and installation of steel pipes

We design, manufacture and install steel pipelines. We supply the necessary pipe material, including expansion joints and fittings, atypical pipe parts, storage, auxiliary steel structures.

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Production and installation of plastic pipes

We install plastic pipelines, including the supply of pipes, valves, fittings, expansion joints, supports and production of atypical parts.

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Maintenance and technological shutdowns

We carry out high-quality, fast, comprehensive and continuous maintenance. We also implement routine daily inspection, machine maintenance, repairs of entire production technologies.


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Maintenance of steam-condensate systems

Along with rising energy costs, the need for maintenance and optimization of steam-condensate systems increases. We offer you a comprehensive concept of technical solutions in the field of steam condensate systems, which will reduce your operating costs and at the same time increase the reliability of the system.

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We use different equipment at our work

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